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Are you a freelance writer with an interest (and experience) in dating, online dating and relationships? We here at Veryflirt.com are always looking for talented writers who feel they can contribute something to the site. If you are interested in writing for us, feel free to send us an email at mail@veryflirt.com and include a link to an example of your work. We currently pay between $3/100 words to $5/100 words depending on quality.

Due to being flooded with requests from freelance writers, here are the topics we are interested in and ONLY those at the moment:

– China dating guides, articles on relationships and dating with chinese women, online dating

– Colombia dating guides, articles on relationships and dating with colombian women, online dating

– Philippines dating guides, articles on relationships and dating with filipino women, online dating

– Thailand dating guides, articles on relationships and dating with thai women, online dating

– Muslim matchmaking articles

If you think you are qualified to write really high quality articles on any of the above topics, then contact us and include the topic you intend to write on in the header.

Guest Articles

We also accept (very) high quality guest articles from contributers. If you want to get a guest article published write us at mail@veryflirt.com. We don’t publish articles written with the sole purpose of getting a link or articles that are generic and low quality. Only send us articles that you would be happy to publish on your own site and at least 1000 words. We don’t accept articles that are generic or bland, write on a topic you are an expert in and deliver real value in the article. Examples of good guest articles are those who have potential to stir debate, get shared on social media, controversial takes on popular topics etc. Quality articles will get published.

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  1. Richard Waldorf says:

    This process is like any other, you get out of it what you put into it!! There are a LOT of gold-diggers out there so my first piece of advice is DO NOT SEND any money to anyone until you actually meet them and make sure there is something real there!!!! I put my time in and found such an amazing young woman I can honestly say I have never been happier in my life or more excited about my future than I am right now. We used the visa support from CB and WOW they are soooo amazing to work with I would highly recommend them!! A friend did this a while back and also found an amazing women and has been married now for 12 years, he used an attorney and said the service and help I am getting puts his attorney to shame and he paid over double what CB charges. Elana and CB Thank You for an amazing chance to be happy!!

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