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Top Russian Dating Sites – How to Meet Russian Women Online

Dating Russian Women: What a Foreigner Needs to Know

It is not surprising in the least that so many men are interested in dating Russian women. They are passionate, protective, confident, respectful, and, above all, very feminine. And, of course, many of them are stunningly beautiful.

Naturally, Russian women are not some kind of angels. They are people and have their own set of issues. However, many men find the qualities that the majority of Russian women have much more appealing than those of women in the United States and Canada.

So you are interested in learning how to date a Russian woman? Whether you are interested in dating a Russian woman online or offline in real life, there are several specifics that you would do well learning before you begin to look for such a relationship.

Best Websites for Dating Russian Women

The Internet makes meeting Russian women easier than ever before. However, it is essential not to just use any old dating website. There are a number of dating scam websites online. Using a reputable and reliable service will help you connect with real Russian women that have a real interest in dating you.

Russian Cupid

One of the most reliable Russian dating services around, gives you the chance to meet over 450,000 Russian beauties. It includes chat, email, video, and instant messaging features which makes dating a Russian woman even easier. Read the full review here.


Social media is popular in Russia (and the rest of Eastern Europe), and after Facebook, VK (originally VKontakte) is the largest such service. It allows users to message contacts privately making it a popular method for foreigners to meet and learn about Russian women.


First things first, the majority of women using speak very little English. It is all but essential to know at least a little Russian (or have a good translator) to use this website. However, the service is completely free and is one of the oldest and most reputable around.


Benefits of Dating Russian Women

Russian women are different from women in any other country in the world. There are a number of different benefits to dating one of them.

• Unique Personalities – Though most Russian women share several of the same characteristics, they are all unique in their own ways. Their differing personalities and interests mean that you can find one that you will get along with and are compatible with.

• Intelligent – If you love great conversation, then you will love dating a Russian woman. Education in Russia still places great emphasis on the classics including literature, painting, and the theater. Russian women also tend to read often and widely. All of these things make for an intelligent woman that is interesting to talk to.

• Femininity – Russian women, in general, are much more feminine than women in the United States and Canada. This ranges from their looks to the way they dress to the way they hold themselves both in public and in private.

• Respectful – Respect is of utmost importance to Russian women. They are very socially aware and are respectful about even the smallest things. For instance, you are unlikely to see a Russian woman send a text on a date. She will either wait for you to use the restroom, or if the matter is really pressing, politely ask you if it is okay before sending one.

• Passionate – Russian women are passionate, both in and out of bed. When you are out on a date with a Russian woman for the first time, you will no doubt be surprised at how present, aware, and focused she is on you, what you are doing, and what is going on around you. She will show a similar interest and passion in bed, enjoying every little aspect of the experience.

• Homely – The home is greatly valued by Russian women. When you start dating one, you will notice that they place great importance on taking care of household duties such as cooking, cleaning, and so on.

What Russian Women Want from You

Having a basic understanding of what Russian women want from you is necessary before dating one of them. It will help you understand where they are coming from and will allow you to progress through your relationship more effectively.

• Treated Nicely – Like any other person, a Russian woman wants to be treated nicely. They highly value men that treat them with the same kindness and respect that they show you.

• Nice Looking – A Russian woman prefers a man that looks great. You don’t have to be the most physically attractive man in the world, but caring about your appearance is a must. If you are unkempt, unclean, or unfashionable, you will have a hard time finding a Russian woman to date. Stay in shape, keep clean, and wear fashionable (not trendy) clothing and your chances of success increase.

• Intelligent – As mentioned above, Russian women are intelligent and they seek this same intelligence in their partners. If they are going to spend the majority of their time with you, then they want you to be intelligent, educated, and interesting to talk to as well.


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