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Published on March 12th, 2014 | by Veryflirt


Top 5 red flags of a dating scam site

It’s a jungle out there in online dating. While most dating sites can be trusted, there are still many who lure users to sign up to a ‘free’ trial, then unscrupulously proceed to charge hefty fees to your credit card and when you try to cancel, you find out that isn’t so easy either. Don’t get suckered in! Read the five surefire ways to avoid dating scams.

1. Be careful of adult dating sites

You’ve probably run into one of these at some point. There’s an ad somewhere that promises a dating site with willing women at your call – and yes, these sites usually target men – but when you sign up, you find out that the site promised more than it could deliver and if you’re unlucky, you only find out after you have paid already. Truth is, that most of these adult dating sites are scams. There are definitely some dating sites that have an adult theme and where users actually actively look for more sexual relationships, but they are in fact the minority. If you see an ad on an ‘adult video’ site, then think again.

2. Getting lots of messages from attractive women/men right away

Lets say you’ve signed up for a dating site and filled out your profile, then right away your mailbox becomes flooded with messages from attractive women or men, but in order to read them, you need to pay for a full membership. Now, unless you really are incredibly good looking, you’re usually not going to get swarmed with messages on any dating site. Again, this is mostly aimed at men, since attractive women do actually get a lot of attention very quickly. But if you don’t even have a picture on your profile and Miss Texas 2014 starts messaging you, then that is a red flag.

3. There’s no such thing as a free lunch

A ‘free’ trial is often not free at all. That is particularly true if this free trial requires you to input your credit card details. To be honest, this is rather common on normal dating sites too, where you get a short term free membership, but if you fail to cancel, then you get charged for one month or even many months in advance. Always read the fine print when it comes to these free trial offers. Likewise, if you can’t easily figure out how much a membership costs and if it auto-renews or not, then that is also a red flag.

4. The site has loads of bad reviews

I was hesitant to put this on here, since dating sites are notorious for getting really poor reviews, because people seem to think their failure to meet someone, absolutely must mean that the dating site is a scam. That is not so of course. Competitors will unfortunately also frequently write fake bad reviews to smear the competition. Still, if a site has bad reviews all around, then it is likely it just isn’t a good site.

5. The site advertises on porn sites

As mentioned before, there are definitely adult dating sites which are legitimate, but most are not and if they advertise on a porn video site, then you can be almost certain it isn’t going to be a good site. Think about it, which reputable company would willingly put their name on sites like that for all to see? Ok, there are actually one or two now mainstream dating sites who did this, but they were the exception. Perhaps it is best to conclude, the more skin you see while finding and signing up to the site, the less credible the site is.

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