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Top 12 Reasons to Date Military Guys

The men of our country’s armed forces are heroes, and rightfully celebrated as so. But for many women, a man in uniform is more than just a patriotic hero, he’s also a potentially great romantic partner. Never dated a military man yourself? Here are great reasons why you should give the idea your attention:

mil31. The Cut of His Uniform

Physical fitness in the warzone can be the difference between life and death, so you can be sure military men take exercise seriously. For most guys, their time in the military is when they’re in the best shape of their lives. While looks aren’t everything, they’re certainly a nice bonus.

2. He’s Clean and Organized

Sure, your man probably didn’t enjoy boot camp all too much. But it did teach him a lot of valuable skills, including the habit of being organized and clean. While you (hopefully) aren’t going to scream at him like a drill sergeant over a wayward sock on the floor, military guys are great at taking orders when it comes to keeping clean.

3. He’s a Problem-Solver

When you’re in the armed forces, you’re expected to handle all sorts of unexpected problems. This ability carries over to civilian life. You never know what life might throw your way. Having a partner with a problem-solving, get-it-done mentality is certainly a plus.

4. He Knows How to Fight

Now, hopefully you’re past the stage of life where you’re impressed by guys who get into a lot of fights. But having a boyfriend who isn’t going to back down when there’s trouble is definitely a comfort when you’re heading out for a night on the town. Sometimes, trouble happens, and you want a guy who knows how to handle it.

5. He’s Experienced with LDR’s

The longer a guy has been in the military, the better the chances are he’s been in at least one long distance relationship. While the long distance thing is obviously not ideal, there are some benefits. For one thing, it means there’s a lot less insecurity on his part. He’s not going to be worried about petty issues.

6. He’s a Patriot

There’s something very appealing about someone who puts their ideals above their individual needs. Your man is literally putting his life on the line because he believes in truth, justice and the American Way. Those good ideals are usually the sign of a genuinely good person.


7. He Might be a Love Letter Kind of Guy

Sometimes, communications during deployment can be a bit… unreliable. Internet access, and even free time, can be in short supply. The most reliable form of communication tends to be the old fashioned letter. Your man will have plenty of time to put pen to paper and carefully craft his feelings. It’s an old fashioned mode of communication that you’ll be able to treasure for a lifetime.

8. He’s Prepared for Adult Life

When most members of the armed forced re-enter civilian life, they have a lot of advantage over many men their age. They’ll typically have a nice bit of money saved up, a decent living situation and are prepared for any number of civilian opportunities.

9. He’s Respectful

Interactions in the armed forces are all about respect. This respectfulness tends to carry on in civilian life. When encountering a stranger, a military man never forgets his “sirs” and “ma’ams.” Being polite is usually second nature to a member of the armed forces.

10. He Knows about Danger

A man with military experience has seen fighting, guns, explosions and danger. It’s not something that impresses him much. Typically, most military men have a deep respect for life and a real understanding of what can go wrong when a person takes unnecessary risks. So you’ll get a boyfriend who is always looking out for your safety.


11. He’s Mature

Unlike many people his age, a man in the military has typically gotten all the partying out of his system by the time he returns to civilian life. While certainly he’s going to be down for a fun night on the town, in most cases you don’t have to worry about him spending all his spare time chugging beers with his bros.

12. He’s Appreciative

Nothing makes a guy appreciate a lady like spending some time in a place without any. Unlike guys with no military experience, guys in the military know and appreciate the love of a devoted woman. After all, if you can’t fight for the safety of your lady back home, then what can you fight for?

The men of the armed forces are proud, honorable and, let’s face it, they look great in their uniforms. Military dating could be just the charge your love life needs. So, if you’re looking for one good man, you should look for one with military experience.  Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

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