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Best ThaiLoveLinks / ThaiCupid review

ThaiLoveLinks, now called ThaiCupid, is the biggest dating site in Thailand by a good margin. It is also one of only a few dating sites where the number of women vastly outnumber the number of men. The result is that the girls chase the boys! For that reason, they have long been the preferred Thai dating for both tourists and expats in Thailand alike, but how does the site compare now to new competitors like ThaiFriendly? Read the review and find out.

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The biggest dating site in Thailand

ThaiCupid is the largest dating site and in Thailand and claims to have upwards of 1.000.000 members in total, of which a majority are women. If you log on the site at any time during the day, there will be at least a couple of thousand members online, and if you search for members who logged on within the last week, the result is around 5000 – 10.000. In other words, this is a huge site with literally hundreds of thousands of single Thai girls already members and new members who sign up every day.

That is the biggest draw with them. Because the site requires members to pay to read messages from another member, there are fewer guys on this site compared to ThaiFriendly. You are likely to get a lot more attention without having to work for it. When I signed up for the site writing this review, I was honestly blown away at how many messages, chat requests and ‘Interests’ I received with my simple profile. I didn’t even add very good pictures, yet I received more than 20 emails the first day. It got to the point, where I had to set my profile to hidden, to have a chance to look through the profiles who messaged me.

Granted, a lot of the girls on ThaiCupid are quick to message any new member in an attempt to outdo their sisters, but it is still a unique experience quite unlike anything you will find on other dating sites. You really do have to experience it.

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Search among thousands of girls from all walks of life

The Thai girls on Thai Cupid come from all walks of life. You have the farmers girl from the north-east now living in the big city of Bangkok; you have the middle-class university students interested in meeting foreigners, office girls looking for some excitement in a mundane life, bar girls hunting for customers and the occasional ladyboy. Age range from the young around 18-24 to 40-50s. It’s a snapshot of Thai society and no matter what kind of girl you’d like to meet there is someone for everyone.

The search function allows you to search on a wide variety of criteria, from the basic ones like age, location, height, weight, but you can also search by if she has children and if she wants children, education, what she is looking for and much, much more. Because there are so many girls on this site, this means that you can laser-focus your efforts on exactly what you desire. Want to meet a university educated Bangkok lady in her thirties? There are going to be thousands of girls showing up in results. Want to meet a young, fun girl in her early twenties? Thousand and thousand of search results. Looking for a girl to eventually be your wife? No problem. Looking for a more passionate short fling? No problem either.

Find love from less than $10 a month

It is 100% free to open a profile on ThaiLoveLinks/ThaiCupid, but you can’t use that profile for much besides looking around (and getting lots of interest). To read and reply to messages, at least one of the members in the conversation needs to be a paying member, and since Thai girls generally don’t have a lot of extra money to spare, that is likely going to be you.

The price of a Gold membership begins at around $25 if you sign up for a one-month membership and goes down to about $9 if you sign up for one year in advance. There is also the option to sign up for the Platinum membership which gives you some extra perks such as the ability to translate messages directly, but the biggest benefit is that your profile will show up above Gold profiles in search results, which means you will get a lot more eyes on your profile and therefore also receive a lot more messages and interest.

How many months should you sign up for? If you’re moving to Thailand to live, you might as well sign up for 6 months or more and save some money, since most guys usually keep being a member for a while going on plenty of dates before eventually settling down (if ever). If you are going on an extended holiday or trip to Thailand, say for a month or more, I recommend you sign up for 3 months since that allows you to begin messaging with girls before you arrive and set up several meetings in advance. If you’re just going for a short holiday of two weeks or even less, there may not be any reason to sign up for more than one month. They won’t bill you for more than you choose and your money is perfectly safe. The site is operated by the Australian company Cupid Media, which is one of the largest dating service companies in the world with a very good reputation.

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ThaiLoveLinks/ThaiCupid or ThaiFriendly?

Just a few years ago there wasn’t much debate on which dating site to choose in Thailand. There was ThaiCupid and then all the rest. That has changed in the last couple of years with ThaiFriendly emerging as a strong competitor. ThaiFriendly is a free site, but with a Premium membership that allows you to message girls more frequently and not have to wait 20 minutes between each message. Because it is free, it attracts a larger number of foreign guys and also more young people.

That also means there is more competition for the girls there, and you won’t get the same attention there without having a good profile with attractive pictures. ThaiCupid is a site that is popular in all of Thailand, while ThaiFriendly is most popular in Bangkok and to a lesser degree Chiang Mai. ThaiFriendly has younger members on average, both guys and girls, while ThaiCupid has more women from late twenties and up. Thai Cupid has the better functionality by a good margin, while ThaiFriendly is a pretty basic site. ThaiFriendly has a separate ‘Ladyboy’ gender choice, which means you don’t have to worry as much about running into these on the site (unless you want to), while ThaiCupid doesn’t.

All in all, both sites are excellent, but ThaiFriendly requires more effort and better profile (pictures). If you’re an older guy, I’d say ThaiCupid is the best choice and if you’re a younger guy, you could probably do best on ThaiFriendly. Of course, an older guy can do very well on ThaiFriendly and a younger guy can do just as well on the other. If you’re looking for a serious relationship and maybe even eventually a wife, then I would recommend Thai Cupid and if you are primarily looking for a bit of fun and willing to work for it, then ThaiFriendly is the best choice. These are generalizations of course. Both sites have a lot of girls who are each unique and with their own motivations, so whatever your situations, both sites are good choices.

Tips for using ThaiCupid / ThaiLoveLinks

Ok, so you have signed up and paid for a membership, and now you are itching to get going and chat with feminine, attractive Thai girls. Go ahead and enjoy, but if you would like some extra advice, here are some tried and tested tips for getting the most out of your membership:

1) Get some good pictures. You will get attention and messages on ThaiLoveLinks regardless of the quality of your pictures, but why settle for that and not instead go for the best you can do? Any dating site is going to be focused on profile pictures and ThaiLoveLinks is no different. It really is worth it to make an effort to get some good pictures on your profile and by that I don’t mean to try to look better, but to look the best you can. If you have the money, it can be well worth it to get a professional photoshoot done, with at least one good headshot and one picture with you in a shirt or suit, if that is something you would ever wear of course. Thai girls also love animals, so a picture of you with your dog or some cute animals will definitely give you some extra loving. Pictures that show you doing cool stuff or doing interesting hobbies are also always a hit. If you are in shape (for your age), don’t be afraid to show it with a picture of you at the beach or doing something active with your t-shirt off. I’d not recommend taking pictures of your torso in the mirror or something like that though.

2) Be focused and go for what you really want. Let’s say you put up some good pictures and write a decent profile. The next that is going to happen is that you are going to be flooded with messages, chat requests, and interest. That is going to be very flattering, and you will likely be tempted to write a bunch of women who messaged you. I wouldn’t recommend doing so because you are likely to end up writing with girls who doesn’t match your ideal girl. With so many girls on TLL, there is really no reason to settle quickly. Go ahead and be picky and only contact and message with girls who match what you are looking for exactly.

3) Get things off the website quickly. This is related to the point above. There is no need to keep chatting with tons of girls on their website. Quite a few women on the site will be more interested in chatting than meeting up, or they will like to practice their English. For that reason, try to get them off the site and onto Skype quickly if you’re not in Thailand yet. If you are already in Thailand, it is better to get them on an instant messenger app like Line or WhatsApp right away. From there, you can chat and meet up faster. With Skype, you can also do a video chat and make sure she really does look like her pictures suggest.


ThaiCupid is definitely worth the money. It is a huge site with hundreds of thousands of single, attractive Thai girls. They are still the best bet online for finding a Thai girl for a relationship or marriage down the line. 5 stars score. You can sign up by clicking through the button below:

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Best ThaiLoveLinks / ThaiCupid review Veryflirt
Ease of Use

Summary: ThaiCupid/ThaiLoveLinks is the biggest Thai dating site and maybe the best dating site in Thailand.


The biggest Thai dating site

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