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How About We review – find a fun, active date is a fun and unique take on online dating, where instead of spending endless time browsing through profiles and filling out questionaires, users instead post their best idea for a great date and then allow others to jump on the opportunity. It’s fun, fast and active and a site for those who are tired of the same old, same old of traditional dating sites. Simply suggest a date idea in the form “How about we….” and a location and wait for others to show interest – by choosing ‘I’m intriguied’ – and get off the internet and into the real world. The date suggestions can be anything such as “How about we go on a hike and then relax with a bottle of good craft beer” or something more low activity like “How about we enjoy the martinis and the view from the top of the Hyatt”, the possibilities are endless.



How About We is easy to sign up for and doesn’t require a lot of information. You fill out some questions such as “Describe your perfect Sunday or “What is some obscure knowledge you know”, which is a less serious way of showing your personality. You also have the option to select your political and religious beliefs and how important these are to you. Another question is about your exercise level and you will find that How About We attracts active people in general. A photo on your profile is actually mandatory, but that is about it, the entire sign up process takes no more than 5 minutes and that is part of the appeal. You also have the option to sign up through Facebook. This site is about actually going on dates, not spending hours messaging back and forth and obsessing over small details in profiles. For that reason, the site even has a “Date Guarantee” – if you don’t go on a date within your membership period, then you get your money back, no questions asked.


  • The site has more than 1,000,000 members from all over the US, but with most members around the biggest cities with a 50-50 split between men and women in all age groups, but mostly younger college educated members
  • Mobile App for both iOS and Android, which allows you easily to both post date ideas and find dates on the go
  • Search for dates and members based on a wide range of criteria
  • Use the ‘Play’ function to automatically be matched up with new date ideas and members and choose “I’m intrigued” if you are interested
  • Look through the top date ideas as chosen by the How About We editors
  • Read the enjoyable Date Report blog with lots of great ideas about date ideas and relationships

Pro’s and Con’s

There are many positive things to say about How About We. It is fun and interesting, I can’t think of a better way to discover and explore your local city and surroundings while doing so on a date and meeting new people. It’s a bit like Tinder but not being as superficial and with much more potential for great dates. There really are a lot of creative and interesting date suggestions, while also having a lot of low energy, chill out suggestions. It’s also a cheap site, with prices ranging from $12 to $5, depending on how long in advance you pay. That is really cheap actually and much cheaper than the biggest dating sites.

As for the negative things to say about How About We, there is of course the slight risk of going on a date with someone you really don’t know. This isn’t unique to the site of course and to their credit, the How About We crowd does give a lot of good advice on how to make date happens in a safe way. Besides that, there are quite a few unoriginal  date suggestions, but not every date needs to be incredibly imaginative to be enjoyable.


How About We is real innovation in online dating. It’s fun, cheap and has the potential for going on interesting dates, more so than traditional dating sites. It is not aimed at finding a long term relationship right off the bat such as eHarmony, but that is part of the charm – that it doesn’t feel as calculated and superficial as other dating sites – but instead is a way to meet new people without a lot of preconceived ideas.

How About We review – find a fun, active date Veryflirt
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Summary: How About We is a fun, active way to find dates without spending hours on browsing through profiles. It's also cheap and with a huge membership base.


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