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Parship is one of the biggest dating sites in the UK and one of the first to use in depth personality tests to match singles, not just on their profile photos, but on their personality, interests, habits and expectations to a relationship – “Find someone right for you” as is Parships slogan. That is an ambitious goal, but judging by our test and user reviews, Parship may actually have found a recipe that works for those singles, who want to find a relationship that will be based on more than just looks. Parship is currently only found in European countries and Mexico.

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Parship is one of the more expensive dating sites with costs about 25 euro to 40 euro per month depending on how long you pay in advance. That’s not a price that is going to appeal to the younger less monied generation and it shows in the user base which is generally a bit older and better off – judging by their profiles.

Personality tests determine your dating profile

Anyone who has been to a job interview recently or just spent some time on the internet has probably come in contact with a very popular personality test called Myers-Briggs type test or shortened MBTI. Parship doesn’t use the test as such, but part of the personality test is definitely inspired by it. The personality test is pretty comprehensive and takes about 30 minutes to complete, but doesn’t get boring and avoids falling into traps of having to endlessly choose from 1 to 10 on how much you agree with a statement. According to Parship, their test is based on 30 years of research into matchmaking.

There are 3 parts of the personality test. The first part is a multiple choice test with all kinds of questions for example about if you sleep with the window open, how you react to criticism, what the most important part of a relationship is to you and is quite similar to what you’d expect from a Myers-Briggs test. The second part is more surprising and among others include choosing the ‘most attractive’ between abstract images, while also being asked to interpret dream like images. There is definitely some Freudian inspiration here! The last part is a combination of personal questions and such.

After having completed the test, you get the results and a list of matches based on it. The personality test is quite comprehensive and definitely very interesting. This is no ‘fluffy’ magazine test, on the contrary you are likely to find yourself nodding along and having some ‘aha’ moments as your need for emotional closeness, logic vs. instinct, femininity and masculinity are revealed along with much more.

Surprisingly good matches

On to the matchmaking then, because the purpose of the personality test is of course to match you with another suitable single. Your matches are sorted based on overall score. The higher the score, the better match you are – at least that is the idea. The matching isn’t only based on having compattable interests and qualities, on the contrary in some cases actually. If you’re very feminine, then you will receive matches with more masculine qualities and vice versa. Judgining by our test, the results are really interesting. Our testers seemed to be matched up with candidates who matched their previous dating and relationship experience really well, allthough there were plenty of matches who didn’t fit what you’d think would be a good match.

The members on Parship generally have interesting profiles. It seems like a majority of the members are well educated and intelligent people than the average dating site user. It is definitely not a chat site for teenagers.


Parship gets our top score – 5 stars – for an original, serious and all around successfull dating site. The somewhat higher price will likely scare some less serious people away, which is probably part of the reason why Parship works. It is definitely not a chat site or quick hookup site, but if you are to find a ‘soulmate’ on a dating site, then Parship is probably a good bet.

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Summary: If you're looking for a dating site a step above the rest, then try Parship.


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