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Increasing numbers of couples have found their perfect match online. This is hardly a mere trend; according to a New York Daily News report from this past summer, one-third of marriages got their start from online dating. The study was conducted by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences which also found that these pairs report happier and “more satisfying” marriages. People bank, shop, and obtain their entertainment online, so why not a date? As one of the biggest names in the world of internet dating, has a revered reputation; it’s been fostering hook-ups and long-lasting partnerships since 1995 and their role as Cupid is now played in nations worldwide. It’s also one of the most popular mobile dating apps. Does deliver on their promise though? Read the review and find out.

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Overview has a long history of match-making to build on. This gives you a considerably immense pool of potential dates to choose from. The site’s mission is quite simple: “to help singles find the kind of relationship they’re looking for.” You can find matches based on all types of criteria including interests, age, personality and much more. Moreover, having so much experience behind them, the site has also created a platform that is safe and secure to use and fake profiles are quickly removed. Is Easy to Use

From the moment singles visit the website, they’ll find an easy-to-navigate experience. Signing up and building a profile is easy; it’s up to the participants to customize their profiles as they like. Once the registration process is complete, it’s also quite easy to begin the search process. Having filled in your city, the site automatically greets you with a listing of eligible singles right in your town or city. Each page of matches shows you photos of singles along with their handle (name), age, and city. Find someone that interests you? You can simply click on the ‘Quick View’ link to read more. If you still find yourself interested even more, you can choose to read the entire profile for this single.

Of course, it often takes more than a similar location to nurture a spark! To that end, the site conveniently allows you to refine your search so that it presents you with potential matches that are hopefully more your cup of tea. For instance, you can search by interests, appearance, background, lifestyle, and even a keyword search. You might choose the keyword option if you’re looking for a fellow ‘English Major’ or ‘Islanders Fan.’ The search tools are clearly spelled out so users aren’t wasting any search time trying to learn how to use the website. In terms of user-friendliness, is a perfect ten.


How many singles will you have access to? According to recent estimates, the site serves more than 15 million singles around the world. That’s an awful lot of profiles to check out! This is a vast network, of course, but it has a local reach. Unless you plan to move to a new location, you might confine your search to your state or even your region. Users find that there are far more potential matches than they can possibly connect with simply based on geographical requirements. This is where the search functionality really shines because singles can focus on only those matches that meet their customizable search criteria.

How Much Does It Cost to Be Part of the Network?

One of the great things about is its free trial. This allows singles to understand exactly what they’re paying for when they do opt for a subscription. The bundle plans start at a three-month subscription that currently costs $23.99 per month. To sign on for a year, the cost decreases to $17.99 per month. The bundle plans additional features like the ’email read notification’ and ‘highlighted profile.’ also offers basic subscription plans that can be purchased for reduced monthly rates. If you choose to pay for a basic one-month subscription, the price costs $36.99 per month making the multi-month plans considerably cheaper for those singles who want to participate over longer periods of time.

Added Benefits and Highlights of

Signing on with a trusted name in online dating like affords some great perks. Aside from their safety platform, the site also has proven experience matching people with success. They also provide various location-based events that definitely ramp up the excitement factor of using this site. For instance, by clicking on the ‘events’ tab at the top of the website, you’ll find events listed near you. Types of events may include sponsored meet-ups at local pubs for singles or sponsored activities in your region like rock climbing events. These events enrich the experience of meeting people and forging new relationships. Certainly the experience begins online and is nurtured through the online platform, but the human side is always part of the mix and recognizes that this is all about making real human connections.

Meet Your Match

Whether you’re looking to meet your future mate or just want someone to hang with at local sporting events, is a great way to painlessly search for someone who fits the bill. It doesn’t take away from face-to-face experiences you might have at the club or your local fitness center–where ever you tend to meet new people, but it does complement those other non-internet experiences substantially. Once you think you’ve discovered someone you want to get to know after reading their profile and viewing their photos, you can send an email and get the conversation rolling. If it turns out to go nowhere, you’ve lost nothing but a few types messages (that don’t even include your contact information). If you want to meet up for a night of bowling or to see a movie, you can proceed to that next level. The option is entirely yours and will certainly add some excitement to your social life once you begin making connections.

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Ease of Use

Summary: You can't go wrong with The site is easy to use, safe and reasonably priced. It has a plethora of features and is safe to use.


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