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eHarmony review

If you’re looking for a dating site that is actually about finding a great match and not just browsing through endless lists of shallow dating profiles, then eHarmony may be just right for you. eHarmony is one of the most unique, effective and controversial dating sites out there, not least because you may actually not be allowed to join. That’s right, after filling out the initial comprehensive questionary, you may be – politely – told that there are no good matches for you. You see, eHarmony takes their matchmaking algoritm very seriously and would rather not take your money if they don’t think they can offer you a good match! How is that for breaking conventions, particularly in this day and age where dating sites tend to be more popularity contests than actual matchmaking services.

On the other hand, claims 4% of all new American marriages started on eHarmony and with 20 million members and growing, that may actually be true. As you can tell, eHarmony really does have a great deal of confidence in their award winning matchmaking site, but does the promises actually come true? Read the review and find out.

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eHarmony is one of the older dating sites still going strong. That doesn’t mean it looks and feels old – on the contrary actually – but more on that later. The site began as a christian dating site, but is now available for everyone of all faiths and ethnicities. It is still very popular with christian singles, but is now open for all. The site also sparked a great deal of controversy in the past because it didn’t allow homosexuals to sign up and eHarmony lost a court case which eventually led the company opening, which is where you will be redirected if you choose “man looking for man” og “woman looking for women”.

As said, everyone can sign up for eHarmony, but if you fill out a profile as a heavy smoking and drinking atheist, then you may just get that dreaded reply at the end saying there are no good matches for you at the moment. It’s not so much discrimation as a reflection of what kind of relationships eHarmony seeks to provide and seemingly does judging by the numerous positive testimonials and reviews across the web.

Where does eHarmony differ then?

Signing up for eHarmony takes a while. You fill out a comprehensive questionaire about your personal life, your beliefs, your personality, your habits and your faith. This is the basis for what eHarmony will use to find good matches for you. And it is important you answer it honestly and truthfully because the matching function is actually your only way to meet others on eHarmony. Unlike traditional dating sites, you can’t browse through endless lists of members and sort by star sign or haircolor. The matchmaking engine takes care of that for you, providing you with matches continiously which you can then contact, though you do have the option to click on ‘What If’ which then shows you matches which fall outside your matchmaking criteria. Consider it the difference between going to the bar on a weekend (normal dating site) and having your good friends invite you to a house party with vetted singles there (eHarmony). This is a matchmaking service in the truest meaning of the word – and it does work very well.

Easy to use and innovative design

As I mentioned in the beginning of the review, eHarmony has been around for a while, but that certainly doesn’t mean the site looks and feels stale. eHarmony is in fact maybe the best looking dating site and it is also one of the most functional and innovative. One example is the ‘Personality book’ that you receive once you have completed the questionaire. It is a very nice and graphic professional looking description about your personalit, your strengths, your weaknesses and everything else. Just a nice touch.

Another example is the way eHarmony shows your profile. Instead of a normal dating profile which scrolls down, eHarmony scrolls to the side and is set up using quite clever forms where you fill in little tidbits about your life along with photos, personality and match scores and so on. The result feels much more like looking at someone’s scrapbook of their life, than a collection of facts and photos. The profile page is simply the best that we have seen and really is a giant leap forward.

The whole experience is just very smooth and fun. If you’re not that experienced in online dating or find that normal dating sites become superficial meat markets, then you will be pleasently surprised by eHarmony and I would definitely introduce the site to someone trying online dating for the first time.

Is it worth the price?

eHarmony isn’t cheap, some would say the price is rather steep at $60 for one month, but going down to about $20 if you pay one year in advance. It isn’t that expensive though and the price of admission keeps a people who aren’t serious out. You can therefore be absolutely sure that everyone who signed up is actually actively looking to meet someone and they’re more likely to have their life together than on other cheaper dating sites. If you’ve ever signed up for a free dating site like Plenty of Fish, then you know how many profiles are just wasting time for everyone involved.

Reviews around the web

eHarmony gets very good reviews on other sites: writes:

I highly recommend eHarmony for heterosexuals serious about finding a long term relationship as long as they are aware of the drawbacks listed above. eHarmony’s track record is incredible, and their success stories are increasing exponentially, with 90 members getting married every single day because of the site. writes:

Simply put, eHarmony is the best online dating site that’s tested, despite its segregated approach. eHarmony has a beautiful, intuitive layout (you never fight against it as you do with Plenty of Fish), and offers services designed to get you paired up with that special someone. eHarmony is pricey, no doubt, but the online dating experience is top-notch.


eHarmony is a great matchmaking site with a huge member base. It may not be for everyone and the price may be a little steep, but the success stories speak for themselves and the entire experience is just much more pleasent and enjoyable than other dating sites. We give eHarmony full 5 stars and recommend the site to anyone who is interested in meeting someone for a relationship.

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