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Why It’s Hard To Date Someone Who Travels

In today’s day and age most people travel in one way or another. For some it can be longhaul extended backpacking trips, and for others it might be a two trip to Spain in the middle of summer.

Dating someone who travels a lot can be difficult for a variety of reasons. Solo travellers tend to be quite independent people who do not require the reassurance and attention of other people.  There are pros and cons to every relationship, but the following explains why it is generally difficult to date someone who makes traveling a priority.


This may seem kind of obvious, but of course you are going to miss your partner.

Most people spend most of their evenings and weekends with their partners, so waking up alone every morning is going to be difficult for a period. This can lead to loneliness and isolation. Even though you know they are coming back, you can’t stop pining for them.

If this is happening, it is time for you to step and gain some independence. Go see some friends, buy yourself a treat or better, give your other half a call. Chances are, they are feeling the exact same way. Use technology to your advantage and video chat them too.

Another disadvantage is that you may also not have anyone to go with to important events. Weddings or dinners, you may be the one who is always showing up as the third wheel or the only person without a date. This can be frustrating.


Even in today’s high tech society, a lack of face-to-face communication can result in misunderstandings.

It can be difficult to hash out an argument over the phone though different time zones, and long-haul flights won’t help anyway. Planning over the phone is hard, and this can contribute to feelings of loneliness if the only present you get on your birthday is a Viber call.


Rates of infidelity are common for those who are in long-distance relationships.

This can happen from either party and statistically there is nothing to suggest that travellers are more likely to cheat than those who have remained at home. Trusting your partner is essential if you wish to make your long-distance relationship work. Technology brings another barrier to having a trusting relationship—it’s hard to know what the other is up to.

But no matter the level of trust it is something to be considered and is going to play on the minds of both parties.

Different Perspectives

Your idea of travel may differ. You might like the idea of having a pina colada in some exotic foreign resort while your partner might wish to explore the outdoors, be adventurous or get in a little trouble.

This can be resolved easily enough by possibly alternating holidays. Both parties may learn from different experiences.

Adjusting to Change

If your partner is travelling for months on end, he/she is going to get pretty used to their own space. It can then be difficult to return home to your partner and spend morning, noon and night with the one person.

Alone time then becomes so valuable that you begin to crave it more and more. Travelling can change people especially solo travellers. From staying in the woods, to trying outrageous activities, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and testing out different cuisines, people generally return having changed one way or another.

This can be difficult for your loved one to see and can result in tension.


You worry about your partner’s safety all the time.

We all see the daily snapchat, Instagram and Facebook posts and no one enjoys seeing their partner jump out of a plane, even if you are fully supportive and understanding of their travels. Worry is very common for people in long distance relationships and often all rationale goes out the window. What if they get kidnapped, lost or abducted by aliens?

Life can be uncertain

So, you are a well-organized person, and you know when you want to get married and when you want to have kids. Life can be a bit uncertain when you’re dating a traveller because they do not plan for the future and take every day as it comes.

Even after the marriage and kids, a restless traveller cannot be tamed. If they wish to continue travelling they will, with or without you.

Travellers struggle to hold a steady job

Chances are, your partner will be sitting at his/her workstation, not thinking about where the next paycheck is coming from, but the next travel destination.

Often travellers can be freelancers making money as they go, supporting themselves on a day-to-day basis. But relationships generally need certainty and stability to prosper.

The Bottom Line

There are many reasons why it is difficult to date someone who travels. The main point is that the traveller is not going to be there physically for mental, physical and emotional support.

Is there any point being in a relationship with someone who is not there? If your partner is not willing to make or herself available, it may be time to pull the plug on the relationship entirely.

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