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Date In Asia review is a free dating site aimed at Asian countries, but most popular in the Philippines and Indonesia. It used to be quite popular in Thailand too, but with arriving on the scene and still going strong, there are not that many Thai people on the site anymore. Likewise, sites like are more popular these days for indonesian dating.



Go back 4-5 years and Date In Asia was actually a very popular site. It was free and easy to use and the lack of functionality wasn’t as big a deal. The user base then as now was mainly asian girls from Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and foreign men looking to meet them. Eventually though, other sites emerged such as Thaifriendly in Thailand, which were also free to use and that combined with the growing number of fake profiles and scammers on the site, made Dateinasia lose popularity.

Fake profiles and scammers are definitely a serious problem on Date In Asia. Because the site is free to use, there is little quality control and everyone can make a profile and claim to be who they want. The stories of scammers on the site are a few too many unfortunately, not saying that there aren’t a lot of genuine profiles, because there definitely are. Another common complaint about the site is that a lot of the profiles are ‘ladyboys’ but don’t say so on their profile. Since there is only one picture pr. profile, that means a lot of men found themselves writing with someone they didn’t have any desire to actually meet.

All that being said, since the site is free and easy to use, there are a lot of members from Indonesia and the Philippines and if you use common sense, then there are definitely opportunities to find a match here, it is just that the paid Cupid sites or Thaifriendly are probably better options and much more up to date.

Poor functionality and search

My biggest complaint about Date In Asia is probably that the software is now severely outdated. The simple setup was fine 5 years ago, but a lot has happened since then and the site just doesn’t have good enough functionality anymore. You can only have one profile picture for example and that is definitely not the best idea. You can’t really search very well either.

All in all, the site simply doesn’t compete with more modern and advanced sites.


Date In Asia is past its prime. While the site is free, the functionality is poor and the problems with fake profiles and less than honest members persist. I wouldn’t recommend this site when there are better alternatives.

Date In Asia review Veryflirt
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Summary: A free asian dating site, but the site isn't a good choice anymore.


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8 Responses to Date In Asia review

  1. Pete Waldo says:

    I returned to DIA a couple of hours ago, put up my profile and within half an hour had five messages.

    I replied to the first and was completing a reply to the second when I received notification that my profile had been closed.

    I did state in my profile and in my one reply that I was looking for a partner with high sexual energy. The site (which I used in the past) is notoriously full of scammers. I knew I was going to get those aplenty anyway – but I had hoped to filter out the Virgin Marys who are there aplenty too by being a little overt.

    Unless your interest is “playing house”, sitting in tiny wooden chairs and pouring imaginary tea from plastic toy pots, Date In Asia isn’t for guys looking to meet real women.

    The scammers are now joined by the thought police who I’m sure must charge about the office shouting Hail Mary and Haleilleujah. Won’t be going back. May try Cherry Blossoms again – there is a fee though.

  2. Tony Rose says:

    Don’t waste your time with this site. I signed up, took the time to write a nice profile and uploaded my photo. Was on it for about 15 minutes looking at profiles. Sent one nice introduction letter to a girl. When I went to look at another girl it said my profile had been closed for breaking their rules. What the hell rule did I break? You’re not supposed to write the girls?? And you don’t have the option to write them or contact them to ask them why. You’re off the site and that’s it. Obviously the site is run by some little Nazi with small man complex and a power a trip. Again, don’t waste your time, there are so many better sites.

  3. Makino says:

    One of my friend referred dateinasia, two years ago, because I’m bored and out of curiosity I got hooked up with this site. Yeah! scammers were out of control however; as a saying goes “expect the unexpected” I met this cute foreign guy out of the blue. After 4 months of chatting he visited me in my country last year, tried to figure out if things will work together after we met. Fortunately everything goes smoothly until now. All I can say is, don’t try too hard looking for the perfect one, it may come when you least expect it. 😀

  4. zivabramov says:

    i dont know why every introduction that i did to the girls make my profile closed………..fix it!

  5. Eileen Simpas says:

    Why i cant open DIA IN google…….always 500server close cannot display……i cant open my account

    • veryflirt says:

      Hi Eileen,

      try using another browser (like google chrome, firefox, internet explorer, oprah, etc.).
      Let me know how that goes for you.

  6. Wyman says:

    I have had my profile closed about 4 times, I know no other profile suppose to create but they closed my first profile and I had not did nothing wrong. Do they close based on pictures or ip addresses. Wish I knew how I could be on there without it being closed.

  7. Ana says:

    If you get banned (profile closed) and want come back to dateinasia, you should have a new email and new phone number for registration, new pictures, also should registration with a new IP address (another PC or phone) mean you should have a new phone or new laptop for use this site. and dont write your same dateofbirth. They will detect and block your email, phone number, IP address, your date birth and your picture. And dont tell anyone in your dateinasia’s message if you are come back with a new account. They have system and robots to monitor your messages.

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