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Christian Filipina dating – religion in the Philipines

Religion and How It Affects Dating in the Philippines

It may not be so obvious when you’re being accosted by hookers walking down the street in Manila, but the culture of the Philippines is actually a very religious and conservative one. Outside of the major cities like Cebu or the tourist hotbed that is Boracay, the average Pinay lives a simple life of devotion to family and God. They spend much of their free time at home with relatives and attend church weekly.

The locals are overwhelmingly Roman Catholic, though there are small groups of Protestants and Muslims, the latter being mostly concentrated to the southern island of Mindanao. The conversion to Catholicism was brought about by Spain’s early colonization of the Philippines, making it one of only two Asian countries where it’s the predominate religion. It’s also the third largest Catholic country in the world.

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Filipina Christian wedding

Most of the major Christian observances like Christmas are recognized as national holidays and create quite the event in the Philippines. Holy Week is a huge deal and, starting with the Thursday before Easter Sunday, many businesses either restrict their hours or close completely. Locals participate in activities like processions and plays in the days leading up to the culminating celebration of Christ’s resurrection.

You’ll definitely see evidence of their traditionally strict and conservative religion within the dating culture, too. Don’t be surprised if one of the first questions a girl asks you is about your religious practices. Filipinas also tend to be much more reserved about sex than their Western counterparts and it’s not uncommon for young, attractive girls to stay virgins into their early-to-mid-20s.

This can be both a good or a bad thing depending on your motivations. If you’re looking for a good, wholesome girl who understands the importance of loyalty and a strong family unit, you’re in luck. You can’t go wrong with a Filipina in that regard.

The player looking to rack up notches by casually dating multiple women still won’t have a hard time but will likely run into the occasional hitch, like a woman who wants you to meet her parents before your first rendezvous. I’ve had multiple women I met online mention that their dad wanted to talk to me on the phone before we met. The ones you meet in bars or nightclubs will be less open to accompany you home for a one-night stand.

Whatever your intentions, it’s always a good idea to understand and observe the customs of the country you’re in. In the Philippines, religion is tied so heavily into the culture that it’s sure to pop up occasionally, whether you’re partying in liberated Manila or relaxing on a beach in conservative Davao. This overview should help you stay prepared and aware.

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