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Published on February 15th, 2014 | by Veryflirt


Can You Hack It as a Sugar Baby?

5 Serious Questions All Future Babies Should Ask Themselves

Living the sugar baby lifestyle sure comes with its perks – designer handbags, beauty treatments, jewelry, trips to exotic locales and maybe even your own car or two – but it can also come with plenty of downsides. This isn’t meant to scare you out of pursuing your goals as a sugar baby, it’s merely meant to help you avoid a potentially drastic situation. If this is your first foray into the life of a sugar baby, stop and ask yourself these five questions. They may help you reconsider your decision or they may help you realize that the life of a sugar baby is the only life for you.

1.       Are You Business Minded?

Some sugar babies receive thousands of dollars from their daddies on a weekly basis. Can you handle that much money responsibly and are you smart enough to put some of that money away for a rainy day? At the end of the day, the sugar baby/sugar daddy relationship is a business transaction and it won’t last forever. Live the lifestyle you want to lead, but it’s always smart to put a little aside just in case you one day decide to leave the sugar baby lifestyle behind for more meaningful and greener pastures. sugar1

2.       Are You Strong Enough to Set Boundaries?

The sugar daddy role is largely one of power and some daddies love to exert their will over their babies. They may make strong demands and become otherwise domineering. Are you strong enough to say no if your sugar daddy ever demands things that are against your morals or upbringing? Are you able to set your own terms without fear of the daddy leaving you for another willing sugar baby? Remember, you are bringing just as much value to the table as the daddy. Don’t let him walk all over you. Set your own terms or let him know that you will find another daddy to take his place. Be strong, set your own boundaries and you will have a much better time as a sugar baby.

3.       Do You Have a Support System?

You should never get into a situation where you solely rely on your sugar daddy. Again, the sugar daddy role comes with power. Don’t give him too much. Have friends and family you can go to for support, to talk to when things become too much and have somewhere to stay that isn’t under your sugar daddy’s control. Having a support system in place is of the utmost importance. After all, your friends and family will be there for you whenever you need them most. Can you say the same thing about your sugar daddy?

4.       Can You Separate Emotions?

Senior Man with Young Women on YachtWhen you enter into a sugar baby/sugar daddy relationship, you do so with a certain understanding. You will provide your sugar daddy with companionship and your sugar daddy will help you financially. So where do emotions come in? They don’t, or they shouldn’t if you want to have an extended and incredibly lucrative sugar baby experience. When you fall for him or when he falls for you, that’s usually when things begin to go south. Daddies get clingy and sugar babies fall in love, but they don’t do either if they want to keep the status quo. Keeping your emotions at bay is paramount, for the lifestyle and your emotional well-being.

5.       Are You Prepared to be a Sugar Baby?

Hopefully you have been made to seriously consider the sugar baby lifestyle before you jump in feet first. If you can remain business minded by stashing away some cash every now and then, if you can set boundaries and remain strong against your sugar daddy’s will, if you can maintain a support system that can be there for you when the sugar baby lifestyle becomes too tough, and if you can keep your emotions from ruining a good thing, you might just have those designer bags, beauty treatments jewelry and all the rest that comes with living the sugar baby life. If this is still something you want to do, be safe, be smart and go make your money, girl.

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