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How to Avoid Russian Dating Scams

The popularity of Russian dating websites has surged as more men than ever before have met genuine, loving, and, of course, beautiful Russian women though them. But many of these websites are plagued with scammers. In addition to the high financial cost of falling for a scam, you are also at the risk of a hefty emotional loss.

Luckily, it is easy to weed out the scammers and find real Russian women if you know what warning signs to look out for when you are using a Russian dating site.

The Common Scam Pattern

Most Russian dating scams follow a similar pattern. You connect with a women on a website whose profile shows many pictures of a young and attractive woman.

You begin exchanging messages. Oftentimes, the scam starts with the woman telling you how good of a person she is and that life is very hard in Russia. She will say something along the lines of her salary is not enough to get by on, her family died in a tragic accident, or all of the men in Russia are drunks. Simply put, something is said that pulls at your heart and threatens to suck you in.

As time progresses, you are set up as a knight in shining armor. She makes you feel like the only person who can help her. She will then profess her love for you and ask for you to send her money to help her out or for a visit to your home country. When you send the money, boom she’s gone – and so is your hard-earned cash.

Of course, this is a general example of a Russian dating scam, but almost all of them follow a similar pattern.

How to Avoid a Russian Dating Scam

After you realize that many Russian dating scams happen in a similar fashion, it is much easier to avoid them. The best way to avoid them altogether is to use a reputable and trustworthy Russian dating website such as There are also a number of warning signs that such a scam generally gives off.

Professional Photos, Vague Descriptions – Nearly all Russian dating scams start with professional quality photos of attractive young women. Much of the time these are provocative as well. At the same time, however, very little information is given in the description. Real women using Russian dating websites will usually have a detailed and informative profile in addition to a quality (but realistic) picture.

  • Strange Messages – If you do miss the initial warning signs (or the scammer has done a particularly effective job) and begin communicating with a Russian woman, you need to look out for strange messages. Oftentimes, scammers will send very emotional, gushing messages, but do not answer any of your questions. It can seem like the lady in question is not reading any of your letters at all. This happens because scammers often use template emails to make correspondence easier.
  • She’s In Love – Whether it is after a few messages or a few months, you can be sure that the Russian woman you are communicating with is a scam is she professes her love for you. Love is almost always an emotion that you have to meet someone to truly experience.
  • Asks for Money – If you have gotten this far, you might think you are in the clear no matter what. You aren’t. If you are asked for money, you can be all but certain you have fallen for a scam. While it isn’t uncommon to meet up with Russian women from these dating websites, a woman who asks for money to be sent directly to her is almost always a scam.

At the end of the day, it is easy to avoid a Russian dating scam. Use your brain first and your heart second. As long as you keep your eyes open for warning signs and use common sense (as well as only using reputable Russian dating websites), you should be in the clear. Countless men have found real Russian women online and there is no reason you can’t too.

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